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current status of the weather systems used in the operation of this website

station system is up for 1:23:24

this station uses WeatherCat (V1.24, Build 11) software for weather conditions reporting

this software runs on a Mac computer

  component status age
latest update time as of 
27-06-2022 02:49 
 Steelseries gauges uploadWC/realtimeTags.txt NOT Current 54702:45:25 0:01:30 
30-03-2016 20:03 
 Weather data files uploadWC/wsTagsWC.php NOT Current 54702:45:36 0:05:30 
30-03-2016 20:03 
 Weather data time 30-03-2016 20:03 NOT Current 54702:46:02 0:05:30 
30-03-2016 20:03 
 graphs uploadWC/temperature1.jpg NOT Current 54702:45:47 1:00:30 
30-03-2016 20:03 

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